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COVID-19 Health Check

Support a healthy and safe return to camp

Help parents and staff easily answer health screening questions.

The COVID-19 Health Check is a tool for camps to help parents and staff answer pre-screening questions based on guidance from the CDC, ACA, and EH&E. The Health Check is accessible in CampInTouch and Campanion mobile. You can generate reports in the CampMinder System to see which parents or staff have completed the questions, and view current and previous screening results.

A streamlined solution for parents and staff

Use the Health Check to meet your quarantine requirements whether it’s 14 days prior to, 10 days prior to, or daily. Parents and staff can submit the Health Check as many times, and as often, as you need them to.

Access the info you need via Medical Reporting

The Medical Reporting section in CampMinder allows you to see submission information as it comes in. You can generate reports that include a camper’s most recent form submission as well as historical submissions, such as a camper’s answers for the previous two weeks.

Make informed decisions about who can safely arrive at camp

Contactless verification of completion

Pre-scheduled notifications remind parents to complete their campers’ screening questions. After completing the form, they will see a verification screen with a green check indicating that they have passed the health screening. Or, they will see a message that reads, “Please contact camp immediately.” For daily arrivals, the verification screen can be displayed at drop-off to show results, camper or staffer name, and the date of submission.

New medical reports for vaccines and tests

New functionality and reports in the CampMinder System include vaccination and COVID-19 test result tracking. You can easily obtain COVID vaccination status and test results for campers and staff, view this information in the CampMinder Health Center and via the Unified Person Record, and generate reports with CampMinder Medical Reporting.

Get ready to use our new COVID-19 tools

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