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Campanion Off-Season Tips

There’s no such thing as an “off-season” for camp directors, and there are always messages you need to communicate to parents and families. Use the pre-written email templates we’ve prepared to encourage families to download the app, then make Campanion your go-to tool all year long.

Tip #1: Remind returning families to register

Encourage returning families to apply for the summer season right within the app. Share Microposts (with push notifications) to let families know they can complete enrollment, that waitlists are building, or send reminders for deadlines and discounts. Link directly to your application in a Micropost.

Tip #2: Direct parents to the app for forms

Remind parents that they can upload paper documents using Campanion's form scanner, and complete other online forms using their smartphones.

Tip #3: Send reminders
about training photos

Once a parent logs in, they'll see an option to upload a training photo of their camper, which enables the app to identify campers and send notifications to parents. Use Microposts to remind parents that training photos will need to be submitted shortly before camp for new and returning campers.

Tip #4: Share memories
with parents and campers

Share photo or video highlights by using Microposts to link to YouTube or Vimeo. Highlight top moments in the app for families who may not check social media regularly. You can encourage families to follow you on Facebook and Instagram by linking to your profiles from Microposts.

Tip #5: Share important
pre-camp information

Use Microposts to share information about your camp's health and safety procedures. Link to blog posts with news, updates, and letters from your Camp Director. Send a survey link for parent feedback.

Tip #6: Promote your
camp's spirit

Send Microposts with suggestions for fun activities, camp-themed movies, or favorite camp recipes. Share direct links to the online camp store during the holiday season.

Tip #7: Encourage staff to register in-app

Campanion isn't just for camper forms! Staff can complete their required forms in the app as well. Make sure to promote this option to your hired team members!

Campanion is more than a photo-sharing tool. It enables you to create meaningful experiences for parents, while streamlining your camp administration tasks. Want advice from camp leaders who use the app and love it? Click the button below for tips from your peers.

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