Send your campers a little love

Composing letters within the Campanion app allows parents to send their campers the gift of a printed, hand-delivered letter while their camper is away. Even better? We’ve put writing letters at your parents’ fingertips; letters can be composed and sent conveniently right from your parents’ devices.

Sending letters from the Campanion app is easy

Writing a letter in the Campanion app is as simple as composing a text message; parents can select their camper, type a message, then—voila, just like that, they’ve sent their camper a little love.

The power of a letter

Many summer camps are 100% technology-free – or nearly so (thankfully!). We recognize the importance of campers disconnecting from the digital world. While campers may be enjoying a device-free summer, parents are, however, most likely not. Respecting this relationship is important – and why we made sending physical letters from the Campanion app so easy.

Empower parents to send campers some love this summer.

View past letters

The Campanion app permanently archives sent letters so that you can re-read – and relive – each moment of camp any time. You can also easily view when letters have been received to make sure that your camper doesn’t miss your message.

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