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Import photos easier and faster than ever

We’ve made managing and organizing camp photos easier than ever with our new photo features. In addition to much faster upload speeds, we’ve added integrations with both Google Drive and Dropbox. New features also allow you to import from your phone. You have so many magical moments to capture, and we’re excited to provide a platform that gives you the efficiency you need.

Connect your tools from snap to share

We know how important it is that all your photo storage and sharing platforms work together. In our ongoing effort to help you develop seamless systems, the new photo platform integrates with both Google Drive and Dropbox.

From landscape to portrait and back again

We’ve all experienced the headache of fixing incorrectly oriented photos. Using these new features, it’s no longer time consuming to make sure all your images appear just as you want them to. The rotate option drops down for each photo, and all you have to do is click.

Upload On-The-Go

Camp magic comes at you fast and Campanion is there when you need it. You can snap and upload images from mobile devices, and you can even create and name albums from the palm of your hand.

The new web-based photo platform has the speed you need

From easy importing to intuitive sorting

Drag-and-drop is the name of the game when it comes to organizing files, and the photo platform is no exception. You are able to easily move images around after they’ve been uploaded, and until they’re in just the right order for you to tell your camp’s story.

Built just for you

Learn about all of the other great features of the Campanion app.

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