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Stop chasing down forms

Ready to go mobile? Check out this Case Study and click here to set up a time to talk with us about all the ways Campanion can streamline the registration process.

What if all your forms were in on time?

Give parents an easy way to access summer camp forms using the Campanion app. Parents can view the complete list of forms that are required in order to complete their camper’s registration and enrollment. You assign due dates, which appear below each form – these automatically change to indicate when a form is overdue. Now parents can access forms on their mobile devices and get them to you on schedule.

Put an end to complicated and time-consuming reminders

Instead of emailing and calling parents one by one about form deadlines and statuses, you can use Campanion Form Reminders. This feature allows you to send reminders via text message to parents who haven’t completed the necessary summer camp forms. You can craft one text that goes to the recipients you choose, whether they have a forthcoming deadline or their forms are overdue. You can even include links in text messages that take parents directly to the forms section of the Campanion app when clicked.

Re-enrollment whenever, wherever

Mobile registration and re-enrollment mean you’ll get your work done faster and more efficiently, while keeping your customers psyched about their investment in camp. With everything in one place, and no need to sign in over and over, Campanion makes signing up for camp easier than ever.

Take forms from frustrating to functional

Unique, Direct, and Sharable

With the direct link tool in Campanion, it’s even easier to send parents to your camper application form. You can copy your auto-generated link in the ‘Registration’ section of Campanion Admin and then share the link in three ways: Microposts, text messages, and emails. Parents using Campanion on their phones will be sent directly to the mobile form in the app. Those using desktop computers to access their accounts will be sent directly to the form in CampInTouch.

Put forms in the palm of their hand

The forms tool provides parents with a variety of intuitive options for getting forms to you on time. Health forms can be downloaded, emailed to doctors, and then uploaded as PDFs right to a camper’s profile. Paper forms are just as hassle-free thanks to the document scanning tool. Like depositing a mobile check, all parents need to do is point their phone at the form – page borders are automatically detected, ensuring you get a complete and high-quality PDF.

Built just for you

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Ready to engage your camp parents like never before?

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