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It all started with two questions

What if parents didn’t have to sort through thousands of images to find the ones of their child? And what if it were possible to notify them whenever an image of their child was captured and uploaded? Our answer to these questions is Face Finder: the industry’s newest technology that allows parents to stress less, and enjoy more.

What is Face Finder?

Face Finder is our tool for helping deliver campers’ photos directly to their loved ones. Using facial recognition technology, we search for photos of campers automatically and tag them for parents to view in the app. Not only does this save parents time sifting through hundreds of photos, but it also helps creates a unique experience that keeps parents coming back for more.

How does facial recognition work?

Some of our camps upload hundreds of thousands of photos each year. Whether your camp is at that level yet or not, one thing is true: asking parents to sift through all your images (like photo-sorting machines!) to find the ones of their camper is no trivial task. Our facial recognition engine, however, can pick out the needle-in-the-haystack photos of your parents’ campers, lickety split. How does it work?

Parents uplaod a ‘training photo’ of their child, which the system catalogs into its database. As photos are uploaded from camp, Face Finder compares the unique facial characteristics that it learned from the training photo with each new photo. If there’s a match, your parents get a notification and the photo shows up directly in their stream within the Campanion app.

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