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Campanion Micropost Templates

Copy, paste, and customize to easily connect your parents with their camper’s experience all summer long

Need to share content that gives parents a window into your camp, but don’t have the time to come up with it? We’ve got you covered!

We know it can be hard to think of a summer’s worth of Micropost content, so we’ve created 39 easy plug-and-play samples below. Choose the ones you like best, add and edit your details while sticking to the 250-character limit, and match them with amazing photos.

Micropost Series 1: Help your parents get familiar with Campanion and how it works before camp starts


Add a training photo to Campanion

Now that you’ve downloaded Campanion, make sure to add a training photo of your camper. We’ll be sharing photos all summer long, and Campanion’s technology automatically searches, tags, and notifies you to view in the app.


Did you know that you can upload a photo of your camper’s physician’s exam and other paper forms right in the app? Head over to the menu to capture, confirm, and upload an image of your completed form!

Bunk Request

Your bunk request form is due today! Just a quick reminder to go to your Forms and complete your bunk request right in the app! Thanks in advance!

Enable Campanion Micropost notifications

Get a window into the camper experience with Microposts, short updates that feature photos and fun captions. You’ll receive camp stories, daily activity descriptions, theme day photos, and you can even opt-in to notifications.

How Letters work in Campanion and CampInTouch

Using the Letters feature in the app, you’ll be able to write emails to your camper. To send those letters you’ll use CampStamps. Make sure to remind your campers how excited you are to hear stories from their adventures!

How Letters work (part 2) NEW FEATURE!

Using Campanion’s eLetters feature, we’ll print the letter you write to your camper. We’ll also upload handwritten messages from your camper [delivery frequency] during the summer, which you can receive notifications about and read right in the app!

Photo Tools NEW FEATURE!

Organize your photos by tagging, untagging, favoriting, downloading, and sharing your camper’s photos this summer!

Micropost Series 2: Introduce parents to everything that makes your camp special


Get to know leadership team

Here at Camp, our leadership team is made up of these roles: [1], [2], [3]. [Role 1] handles [...], [Role 2] is responsible for [...], and [Role 3] takes care of [...].

The story behind our camp's name

You know that our camp name is [...], but you might not know where that name comes from. [...]

How camp got started

Our camp was founded in [year]. In our first summer we had [#] campers, the director was [name], and each session was [length]. This is our [#] year, and we're so glad you're part of it!

Get to know our Camp Director

[name] is our beloved Camp Director and has been for [#] years, but there’s a lot about them you might not know. They are [age], grew up in [location], and their favorite thing about camp is [...].

Get to know our amazing camp staff

[name] found their way to camp by way of [what they were doing before]. This is his/her/their [#] summer at camp, and this summer they are [role].

Learn more about where our camp is located

You know that camp is located in [city/county/town], but one interesting fact about our location that you might be aware of is [...].

Learn about our camp values (series)

Here at camp we have [#] values that guide everything we do. The first value we want to talk about is [value], which for us is all about [...]. One way we put this value into action at camp is [...].

Micropost Series 3: Keep parents entertained with highlights from a typical day


How we start our days at camp

Campers arrive/We wake campers up at [TIME] each day and gather together for morning [ritual/song/prayer/announcements]. Most days are spent in smaller groups, so we love the tradition of gathering as a camp in the morning.

What our regular day schedule is like

We split a typical day at camp into [#] activities. First, campers can [activity 1], followed by the option to [option 2, option 3, etc.]. Free time during the day can be spent doing [...]. We also go swimming and [...].

Highlights of camp meal time

Camp meals begin with the tradition of [...]. Some of the best camp meals are [day camps: things to pack] [residential camp: things from the kitchen]. We clean up, and then of course we wait a half hour before we go swimming.

Activities by cabin, bunk, or age group

A special part of camp is bonding time for each [cabin/bunk/age group]. The goal is to build deeper connections and have fun at the same time. [Pick one] is an all-time favorite, and involves [description].

All-camp activities that our camp is known for

When the whole camp gets together for an activity, the fun is boundless. During [activity name], campers are [describe activity]. No matter who wins, everyone has a blast!

Micropost Series 4: Share stories of activities and events that make your camp fun and exciting


What we do for arts and crafts

Everyone loves arts and crafts, especially [name activity]. It's so much fun to create, come up with new designs, and see how things turn out. Then, everyone has a fun memento to take home.

Nighttime activities that your campers love

One of the best parts of overnight camp is that campers get to participate in fun night activities. One all-time favorite is [...].

Rainy day activities at our camp

Even when the sun isn't shining, camp spirit burns bright. When the clouds roll in at camp, we take cover, head indoors, and [...].

Fun competitive activities at our camp

Friendly competition at camp shows up in many activities. In [activity name], we split campers into groups, and then each one must [...]. Whichever group [...], wins, but we're all part of the celebration.

Fun water activities at our camp

Nothing cools us off more than a jump in the [lake/pool/river]. Our lifeguards keep everyone safe, and some of the water activities campers can choose from are [...].

Staff and campers tell about their favorite camp activities

Ask 100 different people at camp about their favorite activity, and you’ll get 100 different answers. Today we asked [NAME/ROLE] to tell us about their most beloved camp activity: [NAME OF ACTIVITY]

A recap of this summer's theme day(s)

It's camp special day, and this session the theme is [...]. Special activities, fun treats, and awesome celebrations make theme day one of the best days of the summer every year.

Movie night at our camp

What's your favorite summer movie? We may not have reclining seats, but movie night at camp is pretty special. This year we watched [...].

Our favorite camp sing-along songs

[Frequency] at camp we have a fireside sing-along. Campers bring their own instruments, perform for each other, and then we wrap up by singing some all-time classic tunes. One of the favorites is [...].

Micropost Series 5: Tell parents about special moments their kids are experiencing at camp


How we celebrate the first day of camp

The day we've all been waiting for is here! On the first day of camp we have an exciting welcome ceremony, introduce staff, and then plan ice breakers for campers such as [...].

How we celebrate birthdays at camp

It seems like every day is someone's birthday at camp, and we make sure to honor each one. To celebrate summer birthdays we [...], and then the whole camp sings together. There's nothing like a camp birthday.

How we build lasting friendships at camp

Camp friendships are so special, and can span great distances and so many years. One of our favorite bonding activities at camp is [...]. It's an activity that builds deep connections at camp that last all year long.

Our favorite camp traditions

Ask anyone who has attended our camp, and they'll tell you that one of the best traditions is [...]. We've been holding this same activity for [#] years and it never gets old. Here's what happens: [...]

Receiving mail at camp

Mail call! Campers love getting letters in the mail. They enjoy hearing highlights about what's going on at home, and the questions you ask inspire them to send you letters back with stories of their amazing summer experiences.

Micropost Series 6: Wrap up summer sessions and keep parents connected year-round


Use Campanion's new mobile forms to register for next summer

We hope you've enjoyed all the photo and updates from this summer. One more exciting Campanion feature we want to tell you about is Mobile Forms. Registering for summer 2023 is easier than ever and can be done from any phone.

Mobile registration is here!

Signing up your kids for next summer can happen right here in Campanion! Just find the registration tab in the menu and complete forms with ease.

Permission Forms

The Campanion mobile-optimized form feature includes permission forms that allow you to accept terms and add a signature and date.

Adult Authorization Forms

Parents, you can use Campanion to complete authorized grown-up forms and upload a photo directly from your phone.

Travel, health, and more

Campanion's mobile forms offer interactive options such as travel arrangements and health history. Give us all the important info from wherever you are.

Need more resources for successfully using Campanion & engaging your parents like never before?

Campanion will help you create meaningful experiences for parents during the summer. In addition to these Micropost templates, there are more marketing resources here, including social media images and parent email templates. We hope these help you promote Campanion to parents this summer.

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