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A new way to experience summer camp

The Campanion app’s content stream brings together the content that’s important to your camp parents. Allow parents to join in their child’s journey with tagged photos of their camper, daily must-see photos, and quick updates from camp.

Relevant content built
for each of your parents

The stream is more than just a list of camp photos and albums. It’s your camp parent’s personalized collection of camp moments tagged with their child. Using facial recognition, the Campanion app sifts through thousands of photos from camp to deliver photos tagged specifically with your parent’s child.

These memories are meant to be shared.

How can the stream fit into your day at camp?

Your camp photographers have a tough job as it is trying to capture a photo of every camper. Once they do that, they have to find a way to make sure camp parents see their photos. The stream makes this easier by providing a focused platform for sharing photos. Photographers can even select photos they want to highlight as must see photos.

Made for summer camps, built for parents

Learn about all of the other great features of the Campanion app.

Face Finder
Camp Updates
Photo Albums

Ready to engage your camp parents like never before?

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