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The end of zoom-and-scroll is here

With the new mobile-optimized forms feature, parents can get you the information you need, no matter where they are. Your forms will be available for parents to easily view and complete in the Campanion app on their mobile phones.

No more
mobile application

With mobile application forms, parents can complete the entire application process from a phone. They can even save their progress and complete the form later using a phone or computer. Whether they’re selecting camp sessions, adding additional options, or choosing their payment method, the Campanion mobile application is all they need to make it happen.

Give the 21st century parent the
functionality they expect

Your questions, your way

It doesn’t matter if you’re using simple forms such as bunk requests, or more interactive options such as travel arrangements and health history. The Campanion App can do it all.

Authorization in the palm of their hand

The Campanion mobile-optimized form feature includes permission forms that allow parents to accept terms and add a signature and date. Parents can even complete authorized grown-up forms and upload a photo directly from their phone.

Built just for you

Learn about all of the other great features of the Campanion app.

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Camp Updates
Photo Albums

Ready to engage your camp parents like never before?

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