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Engage with your camp parents like never before.

The story of camp, written for the 21st-century parent

Campanion is a mobile app that allows your campers’ parents to connect with their child’s camp experience through a personalized stream of content. Campanion connects parents to camp like never before, with Face Finder, Microposts, Photos, Letters and more.

The adventure of camp, at your parents' fingertips

A curated stream brings together the content that’s important to each of your campers’ parents. Let your parents join their child’s journey with tagged pictures of their campers, daily must-see photos, and quick updates from camp.

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More smiling, less searching

Campanion’s Face Finder technology sifts through thousands of photos to find photos of each camper so your campers’ parents don’t have to. Once parents upload a photo of their camper, Face Finder does the rest, finding and delivering pictures of their child directly to them.

Our Face Finder TechnologyOur Face Finder Technology

Sending letters just got easier

Parents can now compose letters in the app that get printed and hand-delivered to their camper. One app, a few taps, and voila – they’ve sent their camper a little love.

Help Parents Connect BetterHelp Parents Connect Better

In great company

Check out some of the camps using Campanion.

Who created Campanion?

Campanion was built by CampMinder, the summer camp industry’s leading technology provider. For nearly two decades CampMinder has worked to strengthen summer camps through education, technology, and streamlined business management. CampMinder’s camp management system is designed to help camps operate at peak efficiency, including systems to elegantly manage registration, forms, reporting, financials, staffing, health care, activity scheduling, transportation, fundraising, and more. As the most comprehensive business management platform ever engineered for summer camps, CampMinder is trusted by over 900 camps worldwide.

The Campanion app is by invite only for the 2019 pilot season with a limited number of camps participating. If you have questions or are interested in using Campanion, let us know!

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