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The story of camp, at your fingertips

Download the Campanion mobile app, and connect with your child’s camp experience through a personalized stream of content. You can connect to camp like never before, with Photos, Microposts, and Letters. Face Finder Technology delivers photos of your camper directly to you, and notifications mean you won’t miss a thing.

Automatic delivery of photos of your camper

What if you didn’t have to sort through thousands of images to find the ones of your child? And what if it were possible to receive a notification whenever an image of your camper was captured and uploaded? Both are possible, using Campanion’s Face Finder technology. Simply upload a training photo through the app, and you’ll automatically receive images that feature your camper.

Small posts, big connections

Get a window into the camper experience with Microposts, short updates that feature photos and fun captions. Your camp sets its frequency and you’ll receive camp stories, daily activity descriptions, theme day photos, and more. You can even opt-in to notifications in your phone’s settings, to make sure you don’t miss anything.

The next best thing to being at camp

Send your campers a little love

Composing letters within the Campanion app allows you to send your campers the gift of a printed, hand-delivered letter while their camper is away. Even better? We’ve put writing letters at your your fingertips; letters can be composed and sent conveniently right from your mobile devices.

Built just for you

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