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Campanion Admin FAQs

Is Campanion Admin Mobile-Friendly?

Yes! Campanion Admin is a responsive web app and photos can be easily loaded from a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

What do I use to sign-in to Campanion Admin?

The same credentials you use to sign in to your CampMinder account (at

What permission level is required to sign into Campanion Admin?

An “Authorized” permission level is required for both the News and Photo Gallery permissions to access the Campanion Admin platform.

What type of files can be uploaded?

JPEG, JPG, and PNG files up to 20mb are supported.

Can I edit my photos on this platform?

Photo editing is not currently available on this platform. For edits like changing a photo to black and white, removing red-eye, cropping, rotating, and more, we recommend using an outside platform to edit prior to uploading a photo.

Can I still use CM Desktop?

Yes, CM desktop is able to be used in full for the 2020 season.

Can I upload multiple albums at once?

Campanion’s Admin interface is designed to upload photos one album at a time. Once photos have completed uploading and you have reached the album view, you can begin to upload another album.
We recognize that there may be an occasional need to upload multiple albums at once. If so, we recommend giving our team a call so that we can walk you through the best process for this.

Can I press upload and leave my computer?

Yes! While the upload is in progress, the session will remain active. We recommend adjusting your computer settings to not auto-sleep, and keeping your computer in a safe place while uploading photos.

What are the other things on the menu? (e.g. Microposts)

You may see features beyond Albums in Campanion Admin such as Microposts, which are short updates from camp. Camps use them to communicate the story of camp with families through the Campanion App. Feel free to play around with creating them! Parents will not see the Microposts unless you are signed up for Campanion.

Need help or have support-related questions about Campanion Admin? You’re in the right place! Call us directly at 303-444-2267 or fill out the form below and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.