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Face Finder FAQs

How does Facial Recognition work?

When CampMinder receives a training photo through the Campanion mobile app, we securely send that photo (with no personally identifiable information) to Microsoft’s facial recognition service.  This service creates an “identity” based on properties and measurements of the person’s face (such as the distance between the subject’s eyes). CampMinder associates that anonymous facial identity with the appropriate person in our records.  


When a camp uploads a camp photo to CampMinder, Microsoft’s service generates an algorithmic identity of each face detected in the photo and attempts to match each one with one of the algorithmic identities previously stored. This is all done with data about the characteristics of the faces, and no personally identifiable information. When the service detects matches with a high enough confidence level, we send you a notification that a photo of your camper is available.

How are training photos that are used for facial recognition kept secure?

Photos stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) via an encrypted communications protocol and with a randomized URL. Photos uploaded by parents for facial recognition training are stored without names or any other personally-identifying information. Additionally, we strip all EXIF data (meta-data) off of the images, including any geolocation data automatically attached to images by mobile devices.

How are the photos camp uploads to CampMinder stored?

We store and host all images in Amazon Web Services and do not delete them except by request. We remove all EXIF data from the original, high-resolution photos uploaded by the camps.

What happens to the facial recognition data after the summer?

Before each summer, CampMinder deletes all data used to train camper faces. This data is the mathematical representation of a face, not the photo itself, and after each summer, this data is no longer accessible to CampMinder or Microsoft.

What happens to old facial recognition data if the “training” photo is replaced? Or deleted?

Microsoft retains the mathematical representation of each face until it is deleted or replaced with a new mathematical representation. You can read more about Microsoft’s privacy policy by accessing the link provided below.

Your privacy policy mentions Microsoft and Amazon. Why do they have access to data?

Like many companies, we use building blocks provided by Microsoft and Amazon for facial recognition and file storage to help us deliver a better camp experience to parents and camps. Both Microsoft and Amazon are committed to ensuring data stored with them, including photos, are secure. Here are links to their privacy policies:


Microsoft Azure’s Privacy Policy:

Amazon Web Service’s Privacy Policy:

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