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A great picture is worth a thousand clicks. When it comes to marketing your camp, a great album is worth thousands more. Get twice the bang for your buck when you use Campanion albums to not only connect with parents and campers but to also market your camp. Read on to learn how to best leverage your camp photo albums to connect with new parents and recruit new campers. 

camp photo album

Put Camp Marketing in the Hands of Campers & Parents

When 94% of consumers prefer a personal recommendation over anything else, word-of-mouth is the most effective way to market your camp. With images, a recommendation is far more likely to succeed. Humans are incredible at remembering pictures. When we hear information, after three days, we’ll only remember 10% of it.  When we see a picture or a video, we’ll remember 65%

Make it easy for others to share their unforgettable camp experiences with platforms that are simple to access and use. With the Campanion app, campers and parents can easily share camp photos while also promoting your camp. With a personalized stream and the Face Finder feature, users can quickly find and share photos of their unique stories and invite others to register for your camp and create their own. 

Keep it Real

camp photographyPeople would rather see real people doing real things rather than actors in staged stock photos. With a great camp photo album, you’ll have hundreds of photos of real campers enjoying real camp experiences, which will lead to a real increase in camp marketing leads. 

Encourage your camp photographer to capture eye-catching candids that make users want to get in on the action. If you want people to know and fall in love with your camp, then you have to show them what your camp is really like.

Include Videos

With an increase of nearly 10 million daily video viewing minutes in the last couple of years, online users crave videos. Make sure your camp photographer captures engaging videos that you can use to market your camp. Before hiring a photographer, ask to see some of their videos and make it clear that creating short videos is part of the gig. 

Keep in mind that about 85% of videos on most social media platforms are watched without sound. Have your camp photographers create videos of people in action where sound is a bonus but not essential. Include text and captions to enhance the story. 

The Campanion app enables photographers to upload and share videos that you can later use for marketing. Make sure your photographer has all that they need to get great video footage. Provide them with the right equipment, and give them enough time and space to edit. Making a great video takes a lot longer than editing a photo.

camp marketing videosIf you can work it into your budget, invest in a drone and a GoPro. You can get a decent drone for under $100. GoPros are made for action, and most are waterproof. From mountain biking to water sports to getting down at the camp dance, give you audience a first-hand look at what it’s like to be at your camp.

Steal the Show on Social Media

camp social media marketingWhen Facebook posts with images get twice as many clicks as posts without, and tweets with images receive 150% more retweets, eye-catching photos are essential to social media marketing. What’s more, people crave a story, and a great camp photo album will tell that story. Schedule a series of posts that let your audience into more than just a moment by showing them what it’s really like to spend a day at your camp. 

Campanion makes social media marketing easy because your camp photographer can seamlessly organize and share photos and videos that keep users engaged from beginning to end. Photographers can easily upload photos from Campanion to your camp social media accounts. Scroll through the Campanion feed until something grabs your attention. Chances are, it will catch other people’s attention too. 

Boost Blog Post Engagement & Leads

Because articles with images get 94% more views, including photos and videos in your blog posts is essential if you want to generate leads. Be strategic about how you place your photos.   In a survey of more than a million articles, BuzzSumo found that articles with an image every 75-100 words received twice as many social media shares as articles with fewer images.

Use your camp photo album to collect engaging photos that you can use to boost your blog post engagement. With Campanion, bloggers can not only find photos, they can also find stories because photographers can organize photos into albums based on programs and activities.

camp marketing

Enhance Newsletters & Email Marketing

Newletters and emails with visuals receive more engagement than those without. People want a story. They don’t just want to see dates and activity titles; they want to see people doing the activities. 

camp email marketing

Use the Campanion app to help build your regular newsletters and marketing emails by easily accessing new visual content. Because content is organized into customizable albums by date, program, camper, and/or activity, you can enhance newsletters and marketing emails with relevant visual content that keeps current campers and parents in the loop while also marketing your camp.

Spruce Up Your Website

All of your marketing outlets will eventually lead people to your website, so your website better meet or exceed their expectations. Regularly update your website with photos and videos that show visitors why they need to join your camp family. 

summer camp website

With Campanion albums, you can keep your website content relevant and engaging with up-to-date photos and videos from your Campanion feed. Let Campanion inspire you to create new website features like individual camper stories or letters from camp.   

Before you apply any of these strategies, be sure to get written permission from parents to use photos of their kids on public platforms. This is something that many camps include in their camper registration forms. 

Photos and videos that tell a story are essential to any successful camp marketing campaign. Use these tips and tricks to best leverage your Campanion albums to market your camp and recruit new campers.

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